In the footsteps of the Chilchegirs

A winter adventure to discover and experience life with the native people of northern Baikal

You might be asking yourself who exactly are the Chilchegirs and where will their footsteps lead you? Your answers lie in one of the most untouched points of the Siberian wilderness. Join us on a winter adventure, leaving the hustle and bustle of city life far behind you and spend some time in the warm hospitality of the native inhabitants of this land. Hunters, fishermen and deer herders – these are the native people with ancient customs; the Evenks – Chilchegirs.

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Highlights of this tour

The once in a lifetime journey that lies ahead of you begins in the far north of lake Baikal, in the town of Severobaikalsk (literally North Baikal). From here the trail leads you along the forgotten Baikal-Amur railroad to the small town of Novii Uoyan, your last glimpse of civilisation before you strike out into the deep taiga wilderness. It is in this enchanting, soothing wilderness, near to the source of the river Pravaya Mama, surrounded by soaring mountain peaks and lakes blanketed in snow that you will spend an unforgettable time discovering the customs and way of life of the native Evenks. So much awaits you: ice-fishing, dashing through the forest on a deer drawn sleigh, expeditions into the deep taiga woods on foot and on skis, bedding down in a traditional hunter’s lodge, a taste of the local Russian fish soup – aromatnaya uha, and of course a traditional Siberian banya (Russian sauna). And before you say farewell to your Siberian adventure you will have the chance to relax in the mineral rich natural hot spring waters of Dzelinda and Hakusi, renowned for their rejuvenating qualities.

Day by Day

Day 1: Arrival in Severobaikalsk
You will be met at Severobaikalsk train station by your English speaking guide before enjoying breakfast at our hostel a short distance from the station. Once you have had your fill of tea or coffee we will take you on an excursion around town showing you the museums, Evenk cultural sites and then onto the small town of Nizhni-Angarsk, about 20km to the north. On our return you will have a chance to settle into your guesthouse before we have lunch and make our preparations for the trip ahead. In the evening you can enjoy a wonderful Russian banya before dinner and bed.
Day 2: Severobaikalsk – Novii Uoyan – Deer herder’s range by the river Pravaya Mama
After breakfast at your guesthouse we will set off on our journey to Novii Uoyan (160km) by all-terrain vehicle (an exciting experience in itself in Siberia) and from there we will strike out along a mountain-forest road for a further 90km. Once we reach our drop off point we will cover the last 10km on foot or skis following the tracks of a snowmobile (that will help transport some of our equipment and supplies) to reach the deer herders range and lodge. Once we are unpacked and settled we will have dinner and a relaxing evening after the long journey.
Day 3: On the deer herder’s range
Today you will discover the Evenk way of life, learning about their hunting customs, venturing out on hunter’s skis along a trail behind our hunter guide and surveying the deer herd. You will also have the chance to take the reins of a deer sleigh or be drawn along by a deer on skis. In the evening we will enjoy a traditional Russian dinner.
Day 4: Excursion to a mountain lake for fishing (8km)
Today you will really get to feel at one with the wilderness as we ride on deer back to a pristine mountain lake for a day of ice fishing before returning to our lodge before the winter sun sets. Hopefully we can cook up some of the day’s catches for dinner.
Day 5: Excursion on skis (8-10km)
After breakfast we will strap on the skis for a trip deep into the taiga forests as we explore a hunter’s path. Dinner back at our lodge.
Day 6: Herder’s range – lake Amut(5km).
Spend the night on the lake shore in a small lodge and banya
We say farewell to our hosts on the deer range and make a short trip riding on our deer compatriots again to the beautiful mountain lake Amut, settling into a small lodge on the lake shore before enjoying a day of fishing followed by a warming fish soup and banya. This is a tranquil spot where you can fall asleep warmed by the log fire listening to the magical sounds of the winter forest at night.
Day 7: Herder’s range – Dzelinda hot spring resort – Severobaikalsk
After a hearty breakfast by the lake we make the journey back to our pick up point (10km) on foot or skis. From here we travel in a rugged Russian all-terrain vehicle to the charming hot spring resort of Dzelinda (150km). After your wilderness adventures you can warm and soothe your body in the invigorating spring waters before we have lunch at the resort and make our journey back to Severobaikalsk (100km). On arrival back in town you can settle into your guesthouse before dinner.
Day 8: Severobaikalsk – Hakusi
A truly once in a life time experience lies ahead today as we glide across the crystal clear ice of lake Baikal, frozen solid to over a metre thick. We will ride across the lake in a hovercraft to the magical hot spring resort of Hakusi (40km), hidden in the forests on the far side of the lake where you can enjoy the winter woodland and the soothing mineral properties of the hot spring waters. We return to Severobaikalsk in the evening before dinner and then wish you a safe journey and fond farewell as you depart on the evening train.

(Should you wish to leave on the following day we will be happy to arrange accommodation in Severobaikalsk for you at a guest house or our hostel however there will be a supplementary charge for the extra night’s accommodation).

Dietary and Medical Requirements

Should anyone in your group travelling have any specific dietary or medical requirements please inform us of these as early as possible prior to booking.
We will make every effort possible to accommodate your requirements as much as possible however please be aware that due to the location and nature of the tour we may not be able to meet all requirements.

Additional information

Tour start dates in 2018:
20 March

Price guide (in Roubles)

We keep our prices in Russian Roubles as we receive guests and travellers from all over the world and believe that it is simplest if we give our prices in one currency that isn’t subject to fluctuations. 

Number of people in the group 

5 people plus a guide

6 people plus a guide

7 people plus a guide

Total tour price
233216 241851



Tour price per person (roubles) 46643 40308 35249

We are happy to accept US Dollars ($) and Euros (€).
If you would like tour prices given in these currencies please contact us directly.

This price includes: all transport for excursions and transfers explained in the itinerary, deer sledding and instructor, your tour guide, experienced ice fishing instructor, accommodation in Severobaikalsk, at the deer herder’s range and lake Amut, 3 meals a day, entrance to the banya and hot springs as detailed in the itinerary, museum entrance as detailed in the itinerary, ski rental and medical emergency kit.

In a case of change to the group size the tour cost may be altered.

For further information or to book this or any of our other tours please contact Evgenii Maryasov at
+7 (983) 431 2789 or +7 (924) 391 4514

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